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A Closer Look at The Doors of Rockport Massachusetts

Rockport Is Adorable 

The front door is the entryway into the home and is the first impression that is conveyed to both visitors and passersby. And, as the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

How much of an impact does the front door have on people? Well, Zillow reports that just by upgrading the paint job on your front door you can add thousands of dollars to your sale price! 

But beyond, and perhaps more importantly than, resale value doors provide an opportunity for expression and creativity. They are a reflection of the local vibe, history, and regional and personal idiosyncrasies.

Motif 1 Rockport Massachusetts

The color that you choose for your door can say a lot about you. According to psychologists, here is the connection between door color and personality traits:

Blue Door: You are calm and grounded. It indicates loyalty and empathy.

Yellow Door: You are confident and have a good sense of humor and are creative and optimistic.

White Door: You are peaceful, serene and organized. It conveys a sense of simple elegance.

Red Door: A red door has traditionally been a sign of welcome. It indicates that you are outgoing.

Black Door: A black door is strong symbol of power, order and control. It conveys a sense of dignity.

The doorways of Rockport mirror the style and creativity of the local residents and offer a warm, minimalist coastal flair. Below is a small sample of some of the doors of Rockport we hope that you enjoy perusing our selection.

There are so many fantastic doors in town that we have only just scratched the surface! If you like this post we may do a second volume of the doors of Rockport!

Here are our Rockport, MA Hotel we are lucky to still have two of the original exterior doors in place.

Doors of Rockport MA

Our primary door, pictured above and below, is still fit with a beautiful functioning Corbins Bell, crank doorbell. The bell has a patent date of June 4, 1872 and this crank style bell is one of the earliest doorbells used in the US.

Corbins Bell at Addison Choate

Next time you’re in town take some time to look around at the variety and creativity that is on display in this quaint coastal village and try to find some of these featured doors. It’s just one more reason to love this incredible little town. There is no denying that Rockport is adorable! 

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