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Bed and Breakfast Rockport MA – 5 Things We Love

5 Reasons We Love Rockport Bed and Breakfasts

Rockport, like many New England towns, has a rich and storied bed and breakfast history. With over 20 Rockport Bed and Breakfasts to choose from, there are a plethora of unique lodging options that are sure to provide a comfortable and enjoyable staying experience for every taste and budget.

Here at Addison Choate, we are members of the Inns of Rockport, a group of passionate local innkeepers who work to support each other and maintain a vibrant community. We have had the privilege of visiting many of the local bed and breakfasts and meeting the people of run operate these establishments. This inspired us to think about what is so special about these inns.

So, in this article, we delve into the Bed and Breakfast Rockport MA experience and discuss 5 things that we love about B&B’s.


Unique Décor And Feel Of Rockport Bed and Breakfasts

One of our favorite things about bed and breakfasts is that they each have their own unique décor and feel. From the furnishings in the common areas to the unique decor of each individual room, bed and breakfasts all have their own individual style. This type of style simply cannot be found in larger chain hotels.

Bed and Breakfast Rockport MA

The unique décor provides an almost adventure-like quality to staying in each room. Our guests love coming and staying with us in one room or one particular season and then coming back to experience a different room or a different season. It’s like a completely new adventure each time.

Tuck Inn Rockport MA

Take the Tuck Inn, for example (pictured above). Their Million Dollar Red Room is a much difference experience than the Studio Room. Here at the Addison Choate, we often have a guest come and stay in one of our Queen rooms, like Lost Sailor, and then upgrade to one of our king rooms, like Wide Berth. Totally different décor, feel, experience and memory. 


Historic Charm of Rockport Inns

One of the great things about staying in a bed and breakfast in Rockport, MA is that you get to take a step back in time to experience the era of some of the earlier settlers to the region. Many of the homes date back to the Victorian, Civil War, and even Colonial times.

During your stay you can take some time to appreciate the aesthetics, the craftsmanship, and different building styles of the day. One thing is for sure, they are not making homes like these any longer. One thing that we notice in the Addison Choate is that even when the home is packed, it is still incredibly quiet due to the old lath and plaster construction

But more than being built solid, they homes had unique style and characteristics that reflected the builders of the day. They were not part of a large development project where potential buyers could pick between 3 different styles. These were homes built for families of the day and there is a special energy present that only exists in homes that have this type of history.

For us, at the Addison Choate it is features like our staircase, the hand nailed parquet floors, and the original wide beam pine floors that really stand out as conversation pieces.


Supporting The Preservation of Historic Homes

One great part about staying at a local bed and breakfast is that you help maintain and preserve these historic homes. Many of the Rockport bed and breakfasts hold historic significance and the owners can actually trace their roots back to the original owners.

The Addison Choate, for example, dates back to 1851, when the namesake, a member of the prestigious Choate family first built the home. In fact, it is reputed to be the site of Rockport’s first bathtub!

Bed and Breakfast Rockport Massachusetts

The Tuck Inn traces its roots back to a sea captain in 1790 who built the home for one of his 3 sons and owners, Scott and Liz Wood can trace the history up to the modern day. 

The Seafarer Inn (pictured below) history dates back to 1890 and was originally used as an off-site cottage for guests staying at the renowned Straitsmouth Inn. 

Seafarer Inn Rockport MA Bed and Breakfast

The Emerson Inn traces its roots back over 150 years and is named after one of its most famous guests, Ralph Waldo Emerson.  While, the Yankee Clipper Inn, built in 1929, has hosted many famous guests over the years including John F. Kennedy, Paul Newman, John Lennon and Bette Davis!

Not that a Holiday Inn Express doesn’t have its place, but these are stories that add to the character and charm of the experience and by choosing to stay at a Rockport Bed and Breakfast you help to preserve these historic treasures.


Delicious Breakfasts and Tasty Treats

So, while you may find spectacular service, a serene setting, unique décor and comfortable beds, one thing that you will not find at any Rockport Inns is a scale! That’s because one of the best aspects of being a bed and breakfast owner is being able to pamper your guests.

When Courtney and I were deciding on where to start this business we met a lovely British couple (innkeepers in Vermont) and they gave us a simple, but profound, piece of advice. They said there’s really two things to this business: “beds and breakfasts.” Truer words my friends. When it comes to cuisine, you are in good hands in the Rockport Bed and Breakfasts.

Here at the Addison Choate, we like to provide our guests with a nice breakfast spread that has something for every taste. Whether it’s fresh fruit and yogurt, smoked meats and cheeses, homemade granola, high quality coffee and tea, scones, croissants or other baked goods, you’re sure to enjoy the culinary adventure that awaits.

Sally Webster Inn Rockport MA

There are many talented cooks and bakers among the Rockport Innkeepers. Sawsan at Sally Webster Inn (pictured above) is a professionally trained chef who takes great pride at providing creative in-house cuisine for her guests. Toby at the Linden Tree Inn is famous for her almond scones (pictured below). While Scott at the Tuck Inn get up at 3am to prepare fresh baked goods for his guests.

Linden Tree Inn Scones

You’ll never find a group of people in such close proximity that are so committed to providing top notch cuisine and hospitality as the innkeepers of the Rockport bed and breakfasts.


Passionate Owners and Operators

Let’s face it owning and operating a bed and breakfast is a full-time job that starts early and ends late. The folks that have gotten into this industry are very passionate about providing a high-quality experience for their guests and they live and breathe it every single day.

Addison Choate Inn Owners

When you arrive at a bed and breakfast in Rockport you are not going to find a front desk. You won’t ring a bell and meet a kid just starting out their career in hospitality counting down the minutes to punch out time. You will receive a warm welcome from the owner of the property who will be able to answer any questions you may have, point you in the right direction for dinner, help get a drink in your hand (if needed) and potentially build a long-term relationship.

One thing that Courtney and I love is that we get to meet people, in a casual environment. Our guests are usually on a vacation, weekend away, or spending a night out at the Shalin Liu. It’s fun to meet people outside of a business setting and really get to connect from the very beginning on a human level.

Addison Choate Rockport Bed and Breakfast

Here at Addison Choate we want people to feel at home. We’ve provided all of the amenities in the rooms to ensure guests are comfortable: luxury linens, hair dryers, toiletries, streaming TV, high speed WiFi, and high quality mattresses. We love it when we see people relaxing by the fireplace, walking around in a bathrobe, and just enjoying their time with us.

Many hotels provide excellent service, but it is just a little more impersonal. Getting this personal attention from passionate owners is one of the benefits of the bed and breakfast Rockport MA.

We hope that you enjoyed our discussion of the Bed and Breakfast Rockport MA culture and the reasons that we find them so special. We certainly encourage you to come and visit, any time and, hopefully, stay in one of these historic treasures.

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