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Visiting Front Beach In Rockport MA

Front Beach Rockport, MA – An Insider’s Guide 

Located along the coast, Rockport Massachusetts is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. Forget about your email inbox and immerse yourself in the cute shops, delicious seafood restaurants, and of course, the beaches.

Bearskin Neck Rockport MA

One beach we love is Front Beach, and it’s popular for a reason. It’s a no frills, sandy beach that’s perfect for unplugging. Before you grab your towel and hit the sand, there are a few things you should know. So, let’s get into it!


What is Front Beach?

To start, Front Beach is a popular beach spot in Rockport. It’s located on Sandy Bay, right near the downtown area. The beach is on the smaller side, but still offers plenty of space to set up shop and relax.

Front Beach Rockport MA

One of the biggest draws to Front Beach is that it’s a hop skip and a jump from most of the hotels in Rockport and just a 5 minute walk from the Addison Choate! That means you won’t have to worry about embarking on the formidable quest of finding a parking spot in Rockport. A task often deemed more herculean than finding the holy grail.

If you do have to travel to get to Front Beach, the good news is you can make a day of it. The beach is situated right behind the Main Street shops, restaurants and is located on the aptly named Beach Street. 


How Do I Get to Front Beach?

You don’t need a treasure map to find Front Beach. In fact, it’s pretty easy to get to. If you’re staying in downtown Rockport, you’ll likely be able to use your trusty feet to get there. All you need to do is find the shops, and enter the beach behind them.

Aerial of Front Beach Rockport MA

We don’t think that there is a formal address for front beach, but if you utilize 7 Beach Street Rockport MA as your navigation guide it should take you directly to the beach front.  Conveniently located for travelers looking for a no-hassle beach day.


Things to Do at This Rockport MA Beach

Swim Out to the Floating Dock

If you like to get in the water, try your hand at swimming to the floating dock! The dock is a great place to hop up and get some sun, quite literally away from everything. You can race the kids to tire them out.

Rockport MA

Check Out the Tide Pools

During low tide, the tide pools are full of interesting critters and beautiful glass. It’s fun for the kids, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy it too! The tide pools at Front Beach are typically full of glass, shells, crabs and snails. You never know what you’ll find.

Sunbathe and Relax!
Beaches were made for relaxing, and Front Beach is no different. While many of the beaches have attractions and photo ops, Front Beach is a nice, quiet place to get your tan on with a good book.


Tips for Visiting Front Beach in Rockport

Can I Swim?
Yes, you can! And, all the Rockport MA Beaches are tested regularly for safe swimming conditions.

How Much Does it Cost?
We have good news.  There is no admission charge! You may have to pay for parking, or a shuttle to get there, but otherwise you can enjoy the beach at no cost.

What About Parking?
The beach is typically within walking distance, but if you’re coming for the day there are transit options.

Feel like driving? There’s metered parking all along the beachfront, along with a private lot across the way on Beach Street.

Free parking is also available in the Blue Gate Parking Lot on Upper Main Street. During the beach season, you can ride the CATA Park & Ride. The parking is free, and the beach shuttle is $1. Not a bad deal for a nice day at the beach, right?


Are There Bathrooms?

Let’s face it. Public beach bathrooms can be terrifying. The good news is Front Beach not only has one, but it’s close to the beach and visitors say it’s very nice. According to Trip Advisor reviews, it’s one of the best public bathrooms in Rockport.

Is There Food Nearby? 

While there are not any food vendors on the beach, there are many nearby spots to grab a quick bite! One of the closest is the Two Little Birds Eatery, just across the street. They serve both breakfast and lunch carry coffee, tea, juice and smoothies. You could also hit up a Roy Moore’s Lobster Co. for some lobstery goodness or even Brother’s Brew (around the corner on Main Street) for coffee, sandwiches or breakfast. Their donuts are pure cakie deliciousness. 


Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that even though it’s a popular spot, don’t skip Front Beach when you’re in Rockport! You’ll be in for the classic beach experience, surrounded by delicious restaurants to top off the day. There’s plenty to do, even if spending the day in the sand isn’t your jam.

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