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New Boutique Hotel Near Boston

New Boutique Hotel near Boston MA

Addison Choate | A New Boutique Hotel serving Boston, Gloucester, and Rockport, MA

In the Summer of 2019, the historic Addison Choate Inn was re-imagined, reinvigorated, and relaunched as a boutique hotel. While boutique hotels have been in Boston, MA for a few years, this is the first of its kind on Cape Ann.

The north shore of Massachusetts is one of the most beautiful and vibrant regions of the state. With myriad beaches, wildlife, shops, restaurants, art galleries, and nightlife, it is truly an ideal vacation getaway. But it remains a bit of a hidden gem for those traveler’s who are “in the know.”

The new ownership at the Addison Choate are focused on providing higher quality accommodations for travelers in the Boston, Gloucester and Rockport, MA area. Let’s take a closer look at the Addison Choate and learn more about what characteristics define this boutique hotel near Boston, MA and other boutique hotels.

What Is A Boutique Hotel?

The definition of boutique hotel can vary based on who you ask and the context of the question. But there are a few characteristics that are the hallmarks of all boutique hotels.

Intimate: A boutique hotel is a smaller stylish hotel. It usually has less than 50 rooms allowing for personal attention to guests, making them feel at home, rather than just another number.

Fashionable: A boutique hotel provides guests with uniquely styled, comfortable rooms that have a vibrant, artistic flair. Boutique hotels, in a sense, are the antithesis of larger, homogenous chain hotels. They often provide a quirky, offbeat character and a sense of humor.

Addison Choate Boutique Hotel

Luxurious: Along with intimacy and style, boutique hotels offer amenities that their bed and breakfast and hotel counterparts may not. High quality linens, chic beds and décor, custom toiletries, and welcome gifts that help to make travelers stay even more comfortable and memorable.

Ultimately, boutique hotels are focused on providing personal attention and care to each induvial guest and to provide a luxurious, and restful staying experience that serves to enhance and complement the travelers stay in the region.

A Closer Look At The New Boutique Hotel near Boston, MA

The Addison Choate is a Rockport, Massachusetts landmark. It was built by Addison Choate, of the renowned Choate family, back in 1851. The beautiful Georgian home has served as a bed and breakfast for over 45 years.

The new owners have taken great care to maintain the historic charm of the property, while renovating and adding modern amenities and a unique artistic flair. Maintaining the original hardwood floors, kitchen beams, and grand staircase are a few examples of the maintenance of that pre-civil war charm.

Addison Choate Bistro

The Addison Choate offers travelers 7 unique, luxurious rooms that feature Persian rugs, marble bathrooms, brand new hybrid mattresses, vibrant artwork, streaming TVs, and welcome gifts. The new owners, Courtney and Marshall Tulley, describe the style as coastal eclectic.

The rooms at the boutique hotel are all nautically themed and include Above Board, Even Keel, Wide Berth, Lost Sailor, Cut & Run, Dog Watch Suite, and the Crowe’s Nest Suite.

The property offers guests welcome gifts in their room, as well as a complimentary breakfast, room service menu, free onsite parking, free WiFi and many other benefits.

The Best Boutique Hotels near Boston, MA

There is no question that boutique hotels are the waive of the future in the Boston, Rockport, and Gloucester, MA area. Here are a few of stylish new properties to consider if you’re looking for a boutique hotel near Boston, MA: The Verb Hotel, The Studio Allston, No. 28, and the Lenox.

Clambake at Addison Choate

If you are thinking about staying at a boutique hotel near Boston, MA, it is definitely worth considering the Addison Choate. The Boston commuter rail pulls right in 5 minutes from the hotel. Just hop on the Rockport line in North Station and the Addison Choate team will personally valet you to our front door.

Centrally located, the Addison Choate is just a shore walk to the many shops, beaches, performance centers, and art galleries. It’s a great new boutique hotel near Boston, MA.

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