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Rockport MA Wedding Venues - The Best Of The Best

Full Details On The Best Rockport MA Wedding Venues

So, you’re thinking about a Rockport Wedding? We think it’s a fantastic decision. The smell of the ocean, the coastal views, the beaches, the seafood, and all of the charm and history on display in this quaint seaside village, you’ll love it.

Rockport Harbor

There is no question that Rockport is a special place in the world and that this location will only serve to enhance the poignancy of this special moment. In addition to the beauty and charm of Rockport, you and your guests can also explore Gloucester, Ipswich, Essex and Manchester By The Sea. Cape Ann is truly and incredible place in the world.

In an effort to help our guests and others thinking about getting married on Cape Ann we have put together our lists of the top Gloucester MA Wedding Venues as well as the top Rockport MA Wedding Venues. Without further ado, let’s dig into our top Rockport MA Wedding Venues.

Rockport MA Wedding Venues: The DEFINITIVE Details


Rockport Art Association

If you are looking for an out of the box wedding, and are a couple that appreciate art, the Rockport Art Association is a wedding venue to consider. The venue can comfortably accommodate a wedding of up to 150 people and can host both the ceremony and the reception on site.

Located in the heart of the charming seaside village of Rockport, you can be sure that your guests will absolutely love spending time at the local galleries, shops, beaches, and restaurants in town. They may even want to make a long weekend out of it!

Rockport Art Association Weddings

The Rockport Art Association is a local treasure. The property houses a large reception room in the Hibbard Gallery where you and your guests will have the opportunity to dine and dance while surrounded with beautiful, award-winning art. We think that this artistic beauty can serve as the perfect complement to your wedding day.

To get an idea of what a Rockport Wedding will look like, check out this fantastic gallery of photos by Eric McCallister. Where else can you get photos with the Atlantic Ocean, Motif 1, an art gallery and historic church that played a role in the War of 1812!

In addition to the Hibbard Gallery, you will also have access to the Maddocks Gallery which can be configured as a chapel or cocktail reception area. As well as the Martha Moore room which is located on the second floor. This room provides the perfect retreat for the bridal party to freshen up, enjoy some Champagne, and take time to savor the moment.

Rockport MA Wedding Venues

The event coordinator at the RAA is incredibly helpful and professional and will help guide you through the process with ease. However, you choose Rockport Art Association, you will need to coordinate with their approved vendors for tables, chairs, linens, and so forth. So, make sure that you understand these logistics going in. In reality, it allows for more flexibility. For example, you could bring your own alcohol in and save money on bar expenses.

Another great aspect to having your wedding at the art association is that there is also no shortage of wedding accommodations. Many of Rockport’s historic Inns, hotels, and motels are within walking distance of the venue so that your guests can easily meander, or safely stumble, back to their beds.

So, because of the great location, unique facility, the incredible artwork, and excellent staff, we would rank the Rockport Art Association as on the best Rockport MA Wedding Venues.

Rockport Art Association
12 Main Street
Rockport, MA 01966


Shalin Liu Performance Center

How about getting married in a beautiful 330 seat performance venue, with incredible acoustics, and a 30-foot glass window backdrop over the Atlantic Ocean? Sound like the right stage for your wedding? Well, Rockport just happens to have that at the Shalin Liu Performance Center.

Shalin Liu Rockport MA Wedding Venue

This gorgeous theater can accommodate up to 250 guests for your ceremony and will provide a unique and memorable experience that your guests won’t soon forget.

You will be comfortable as you prepare for the big moment, as the Shalin Liu provides their green room for the bridal party to relax and get ready. They even offer their grand piano for rental to provide additional ambience.

To get a feel for the space, you can check out another impressive set of wedding photos taken by Eric McCallister

Shalin Liu Rockport Massachusetts

In addition to the stunning performance hall, the venue also has a reception hall upstairs with views for days. You will want to take a closer look at this part of the facility to make sure it will accommodate your wedding party. For a smaller wedding it’s the perfect spot, but it may be a tad small for a larger group.

In addition to the incredible facility, the staff at the Shalin Liu are second to none and will help guide you through the entire planning process. It is for these reasons that we rank the Shalin Liu Performance Center as one of the premier Rockport MA Wedding Venues.


Emerson Inn

The Emerson Inn is an historic Rockport MA Hotel that dates back to the 1850’s. The Inn was originally a popular drinking establishment in the pre-prohibition days. Over the years, the Inn attracted many famous guests including Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson (the Inn’s namesake).

Emerson Inn Weddings

Like these famous guests, the Inn is a draw for many brides and grooms who love the oceanfront location, sizable grounds, and convenience of having the rooms on site.

The venue can accommodate up to 150 guests with a 100-guest preferred minimum. The site provides a great space for an outdoor wedding overlooking the sea, as well as a ballroom for cutting up a rug.

Emerson Inn Weddings Rockport MA

One of the benefits of having your wedding at the Emerson, is that it’s all inclusive and your guests will be able to kick back in enjoy themselves. The Inn features an onsite pool that overlooks the ocean as well as a full restaurant and bar, The Pigeon Cove Tavern, which will keep your guests sufficiently lubricated throughout their stay.

It’s for these reasons that we recommend the historic Emerson Inn as one of the best Rockport Massachusetts wedding venues.

Emerson Inn
1 Cathedral Ave
Rockport, MA 01966


A Couple Of Outside The Box Rockport MA Wedding Venues

If you are feeling a little more adventurous you could have your ceremony at a location that is a little outside the box. There are many beautiful coastal locations in the Rockport and Gloucester area that could be perfect for your wedding ceremony.

Headlands Rockport MA Weddings

For example, in Rockport, you could consider having your ceremony at the Headlands. Just a few minutes from Bearskin Neck, down Atlantic Ave, you’ll find this beautiful rocky outcropping with views of Rockport Harbor, Sandy Bay, and Motif 1.

This incredible scenic backdrop could be a fantastic setting for you vows. But we will note that the location is best for a smaller wedding party. Here are some great photos from Kristen Jane of a Headlands Wedding Ceremony.

Stage For Park Wedding Gloucester MA

Another local outdoor wedding location that may work is Stage For Park in Gloucester, MA. You can have your wedding on site and get some great photos over at Half Moon Beach as well.

Hopefully, you found our guide to the Best Rockport MA Wedding Venues helpful. We think that Cape Ann would be a great place to hold your wedding and we wish you and your loved ones all the best as you plan this exciting journey!

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